• Wiring acessories
    Wiring acessories

    A variety of electrical equipment that we have is from equipment inland to the more robust of various brands in the market.          

  • Heating

     We have a wide range of products and solutions to make your well-being in your home more welcoming.       Heat accumulators: are dynamic accumulators that allow take advantage of favorable nighttime rates.   Floor electric radiant: is a floor heating system that can be installed in any type of floor, carpet to the floor and keep the hot house rooms. It is not visible to the user just does not occupy any space of the residence.   Radiant plate: is a station board of low consumption thin heat (about 3.5cm) that can be installed virtually anywhere in the home to inside cabinets or closets.   Thermal Solar: Solar thermal systems provide hot water for any need. In any event, a suitable solar system ensures optimum use of solar energy, thus contributing to maximum energy savings.  

  •  Air conditioning
    Air conditioning

    Reviewing your housing or commercial area, which we can recommend the ideal unit for you. You just have to choose which like most.   LG Range:        SAMSUNG Range:  DAIKIN Range:                                       Catalogs:                                   

  • Automatic gate systems
    Automatic gate systems

      To recommend the ideal gate automatism to, we must have knowledge of the type, size, weight and the location of your gate.gate types:Stop: the opening is made by turning around a pivot. The gate needs a free space itself obstacles to open. Ideal for small accesses. The engines are installed behind the leaves and the control box can be a place to choose.       Running: the opening is made on a rail on the ground through a rack. The gate requires a long and narrow space for the side that is to be opened. Ideal for large hits or uphill. The motor is fixed on the floor behind a pillar Garage: the opening is made up by a chain or belt within guides. The gate necesita long and narrow ceiling space. Ideal for small accesses. The motor is fixed on the ceiling with a guide.       See our catalogs to find the ideal automation:              

  • Water pumps
    Water pumps

    Since surface water pumps to submersible water pumps, analyzing your facility we can recommend the ideal equipment. Surface pumps: ideal installations out of the water. However, it has a maximum suction height 7mts. They are used to increase the pressure in homes or to aspirations at low height.   Submersible pumps: ideally suited for installation in water and without suction height limit. They are used for water pumping wells, boreholes or deposits.     Submersible pumps with own power: ideal for installations in water without limit high vacuum and without local power. They are used for water pumping wells, boreholes or deposits in remote areas.     Flow pumps: ideal for small aspirations at very low heights. They are used in small deposits of clean or dirty water.       Some of the manufacturers of the equipment installed:          

  • Control ant protection
    Control ant protection

      General cutting devicesInput devices ranges are designed to ensure the connection, protection, sectioning and switching within the electrical switchboards at low voltage. These ranges are divided into circuit breakers, switches and general inverters for the gauges 16-1600 A, being complemented by relays and logs to build the adjustable leakage protection and adapted to the inputs of the facilities.       Protectionprotective devices to ensure the following functions:- The protection of people,- Protection circuits,- The protection of property and equipment.They enable you to perform electrical installations in accordance with the technical rules of FacilitiesPower Low Voltage, in the residential and tertiary sector, with the maximum comfort of exploitation and use.           Distribution BoxesA wide range of products allowing it to respond to its needs: inboxes and distribution of plastic, installation surface or recessed on track, with metal door, etc ...         Command and signaling products such as switches, inverters and switches allows commanding the installation of a manual or automatic mode.                  Catalogs:                  

  • Fans

    In our range we have the solution to your fans, both domestic and industrial.   Domestic range:                                           Ideal for kitchens                                        Ideal for pipes                              Ideal for WC           Industrial range:                                        Ideal for commercial areas                      ideal for hotel                                       ideal for large kitchens             Catalog:  

  • Light acessories
    Light acessories

      DOPO Catalog:     CRISTHER Catalog:   LED-C4 Catalog:   LED-C4 Catalog:     LED-C4 Catalog:

  •  Interior heating
    Interior heating

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  • TV and satellite
    TV and satellite

    Digital antennas:   Antennas for satellite:     Satellite receivers:  

  • Electric and video door bell
    Electric and video door bell

    Electric and video door bell that we adapt to any type of installation or require the integration of multiple systems: information, communication and access control or just the ability to combine simplicity and efficiency.       Catalogs: