Control ant protection

Control ant protection
General cutting devices
Input devices ranges are designed to ensure the connection, protection, sectioning and switching within the electrical switchboards at low voltage. These ranges are divided into circuit breakers, switches and general inverters for the gauges 16-1600 A, being complemented by relays and logs to build the adjustable leakage protection and adapted to the inputs of the facilities.

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protective devices to ensure the following functions:
- The protection of people,
- Protection circuits,
- The protection of property and equipment.
They enable you to perform electrical installations in accordance with the technical rules of Facilities
Power Low Voltage, in the residential and tertiary sector, with the maximum comfort of exploitation and use.
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Distribution Boxes
A wide range of products allowing it to respond to its needs: inboxes and distribution of plastic, installation surface or recessed on track, with metal door, etc ...

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Command and signaling products such as switches, inverters and switches allows commanding the installation of a manual or automatic mode.

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