• Electrical installations
    Electrical installations

    Since the project until the installation of the equipment, we take full responsibility for all aspects of our work, ensuring that we meet all the requirements of our customers at any time. All works are supervised and monitored in detail progress so that it is delivered well done and on time. The work of the coordinator will have meetings on site watching your progress and may suggest or discuss with the client any changes that might be found necessary.

  • Maintenance

    We specialize in providing electrical services so you can maintain productivity and competitiveness, provide solutions to the problems of installation, make necessary repairs take time, provide the necessary maintenance to your home or business premises and provide preventive maintenance services. Thus, we can increase the lifetime of their equipment and minimize long-term costs by using a preventive maintenance and periodic inspections at your facility.

  • Solar systems
    Solar systems

    With the rising cost of electricity, the photovoltaic system installations are becoming cheaper and are fast becoming the best investment you can make and the entity provider of energy still paid to the customer to produce energy. We've made the process so simple that any customer, whether residential or commercial, can become an energy producer, whether you want a small or a large production output.

  • Water pumps
    Water pumps

    Our experience in installation of submersible and surface pumps systems allows recommend to our customers the best solution to the water supply. Whether the installation of a new pump system or upgrade your current system, we can provide everything you need. from the inspection of the site of the hole for the hole to the installation of the water pump. We provide the maintenance required for the installation of the water pump and the equipment itself, making sure where ever the customer is, there will not be short of water.

  • TV and satellite systems
    TV and satellite systems

    In digital TV systems, we offer a wide range of antennas TV so you get the best possible signal, even in areas where the reception is very difficult. Even if you do not know what the best antenna for itself, our technicians will provide you the best available solution for your home and show the best option for the installation to be successful.For satellite systems, based on our experience in supplying and satellite systems installation, our technicians can prepare your satellite reception system so that you can see TV channels in several countries in Europe and Middle East. We were able to realign the current satellite system mode can watch channels from another satellite. Our sales department can provide the full list of all the TV channels you want to see and also the ideal system for we install.

  • Automatic gate systems
    Automatic gate systems

    Whether you are looking for privacy, security, or a combination of both, the installation of a gate automation is the ideal solution to put on your property. We were able to provide the best solution for any type of gate, bearing in mind the requirements of our customers. In any installation we do, we always have a concern that the work be completed within the allotted time and within budget. We understand that the installation of a gate automation is a significant investment, so always inform our customers of the installation progress being us always available to answer any questions about our services.